How to cook octopus?

How to cook octopus

30/ SEP/ 2021

Octopus is one of the most iconic foods in the world’s gastronomy; prepared in many corners of the world, withthe variety and richness of each cuisine; that’s why our country, Mexico, and particularly the Caribbean region, cannot be left behind in cooking the delicacy that is octopus. With typical ingredients of the Yucatan Peninsula and a mixture of traditions, provinces and chefs, with different roots, influences and backgrounds also, from the native to the European, octopus achieves a fusion of flavors and ingredients that position it as a specialty to taste in the Caribbean Sea.

If you are in the Caribbean, near the beach, and you want to enjoy this delicacy you definitely need to visit El Oasis Mariscos, where this delicious food is prepared in various ways, so that in all its characteristic seasoningstands out:

Octopus with chiltepine
Octopus a la diabla 
Octopus with butter 
Octopus in its ink 
Octopus with garlic 
Grilled octopus 

To prepare octopus at home, the best thing to do is to understand that the secret lies in giving it the perfect consistency, exactly to eat it, not too hard or too soft. You should be pendent of its cooking so that it does not soften too much or remove it prematurely and remains inedible. The best alternative is to buy it frozen, if you don’t get it straight from the sea.

The Oasis Mariscos recommends the following if you want to prepare octopus at home:

- Octopus is a seasonal product, so it is better to consume it only when it is the right time of year.
- Look for an octopus of the ideal size, something that weighs 2 to 2. 5 kg, to make it much easier to cook at home.
- Don’t forget to clean it completely, removing the mouth, eyes and the inside of the head.
- Add salt to the water where it will boil to retain its flavor.
- When introducing the octopus into the water, it must be already boiling at a high temperature, put it face up.
- Cook without lid, add water if you notice that much has evaporated at boiling time. Check the octopus with a skewer or toothpick to check the term of cooking. It should be soft, but not soft to the point of crumbling.
- The approximate cooking time is 25 minutes, for 2 kg.

If you want to enjoy this seafood delicacy in a restaurant, you just have to go to El Oasis Mariscos in Cancun, or Playa del Carmen.

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